Cancer book / Tommy Johnson Sr, Survivor,





I would like to thank my family, and particularly my wife Sarah, for sticking with me through the ordeal of cancer – the battle and the eleven wonderful years I have enjoyed since. You will read about my family as you go through this little book and learn that my grandsons (whom I might never have known) are the most important people in my life today.

I want to thank the physicians who have helped me along the way, particularly my doctor Dr. Ravi Vemlapalli, my surgeon Dr. Brad Smith, and even my Oncologist Dr. Maleka Ahmed who declared me a “dead man walking”. This served to motivate me to launch my investigation of alternative treatments. This search subsequently led to full remission of my colon cancer.

For the fear of leaving someone out, I'll not try to name the friends and acquaintances – many from the world of racing – who have given me hope and encouragement over the years. Their continuing friendship and concern helps keep my motor running. Nerveless, I must also thank Dr. Ginger for her help and advice to get this book finally published.

As you might guess, there's a difference between writing down events and actually publishing a book. So I must thank veteran journalist Deb Williams for her research and consultation that helped get this book to press. Also, two publicists and journalists “Famous” Bill King and Ted Yerzyk, who are helping promote my book and who performed a thorough edit before the second printing.

The striking cover art is from Bruce Tatman Illustration & Design Studio. In addition, I am deeply indebted to DRAW - Drag Racing Association of Women – who are helping with circulation by selling my books at their booth at all National Hot Rod Association national events. Check out DRAW at:

Also, my book is available at Don Garlits Museum in Ocala, Florida plus the North Carolina Auto Racing Hall of Fame Museum and the Memory Lane Motorsports and Historical Automotive Museum, both located in Mooresville, North Carolina. I donate 25% of the proceeds back to DRAW and the museums - all very worthwhile organizations.





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